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10 Facts You Don’t Know About Me

1) Despite my Energy and Wit, I’m actually a very  introverted person and can be very quiet and keep to myself most days.

2)  I was never one of the pretty, popular girl growing up.   I had a small handful of friends and we’d spend our time eating fall party cakes, playing Magic The Gathering, and watching Red Vs. Blue and Firefly.  Most of my friends where in the school band and the Flag squad, I wasn’t enough of a team player to do that.

3)  I’m not religious, the closest thing to my beliefs is Atheistic Satanism.

4)  I forget things a lot (like my address, phone number, date of birth, age, and words to fit a certain meaning.)

5)  I am a Social Media Wizard.  (There is always a Wizard behind the curtain)

6)  I’m not all sunshine and rainbows.  I’m actually a very twisted person with a bubbly demeanor.

7)  I love to cook.

8)  I have terrible eye sight.

9)   I have severe anxiety issues.  I am afraid of sinkholes, bridges, parking structures, toxic fumes, large bodies of water, being in a car going over 60 mph, planes, trains, and fire.

10)  I have  been into table top games and video games since I was a preschooler. That’s all thanks to my Dad who is a huge gamer to this day.

  • Mark Hillard

    My higher power is Jesus, always has been always will be.

  • Mark Hillard

    How old is your father?

  • James Hobbs

    As much as this is genuinely interesting info about your self I’m drawn to ask what games does your Dad play?

    • Liz Katz

      Miniature wargames, All manner of unique and rare Board games, card games, d&d based games, FPS, RPGs, he’s pretty well rounded in the games he plays.

      • James Hobbs

        Cool, that’s some wicked games! Gives me hope for my son and daughter :) p.s thank you for taking the time to reply, loving the twitch gaming also DON’T CUT THAT HAIR, TRIM AND MAKE IT AWESOME please :)

  • Hal Katz

    You are beautiful person outside which is a wonderful thing, but it is only a superficial condition. More important is the fact that you are beautiful inside which is a wonderful characteristic to have and shines like a beacon and lights up the darkness to shine on all who come your way..

  • Hal Katz

    My dear lovely Liz. The demons lie within us. We create them just as we create God. I remember you as a young beautiful little girl – so full of life and full of love. Grandma and I were so happy when you and Sarah stayed overnight in our house. But, life and living has a way of making it difficult for us because of internal factors or life experiences. Even now you are a loving person and completely honest. You are finding your way through life the very best you can and doing it quite successful given the demons you are fighting. Our hearts and love go out to you. I too am, what you may call, an atheist, but not because I am running away from God because I cannot find that he has deserted me in my own mind, but because I have searched for it in my later life and found by all logic and reason and with all my mental faculties that he/she/it does not exist. I wish it could be otherwise because the existance of a God figure would be a wonderful thing if there were evidence that there was such an entity. Find what pleasure there is in life. To be born into life is a wonderful thing. Do not let anything keep you finding the beauty in it as you continue on your journey. Love, Grandpa Katz.

  • Jared A. Bolin

    I was a practicing LaVeyan Satanist for over 10 years, then came upon Luciferianism and my beliefs and outlooks on the world more matched that path. In a lot of Modern Satanists, he is seen as a Symbol of our innate animalistic nature/animal instinct, etc. Body/Self above Spirit, Pleasure above Enlightenment and Spirituality, and Material above the Immaterial. In a lot of cases, we are seen as our OWN God’s and Demons, all within ourselves. But yes, like Christianity, there are different outlooks, and the Religion or Philosophical lifestyle is all determined by the person’s beliefs. Lucifer (The Light Bringer; Bringer of Wisdom and Knowledge), to me is a God in the Luciferian sense of things, seen to have wanted to enlighten us and give us the Knowledge of the Gods, while Yaweh, Allah, etc, wanted to keep us in the dark and in a childlike/infantile state of mind.

  • CourtJesterG

    I think my favorite is number 6

  • Maxime Laville

    I love you liz, and as an advice i ve done a therapy and it cured so many insecurities, i hate how in american movies they degrade this profession, that actually saved my life. If your inssureance doesn’t include mental disease (depression and severe social anxiety being one), books about Cognitiv therapy have as much positif effect if you know how to structure yourself.

    Long live Liz Katz

  • Ray Sullivan

    1. It happens. I like to blame science. And the Smurfs.
    2. [WARNING – Not at all true] I used to be one of the pretty, popular girls growing up, but I think it went south somewhere around high school, when I refused to put out for the quarterback.
    3. Religion scares me. It’s the one thing on this planet that I will NEVER understand.
    4. Wait a minute, how the hell did I end up here?
    5. That’s why I don’t play wizards in any for of D&D.
    6. Sunshine is okay, I guess. It helps plants grow & keeps us warm. Rainbows can go die in a well.
    7. I can’t really cook that well, so no smart-ass comment here.
    8. If this were Everquest, I’d probably have Infravision.
    9. Understandable, okay, me no get it, completely agree, ¿, cars are BETTER over 60, makes sense, trains suck, heheheheheFIRE.
    10. If you’ve never played video/table games, then there is something horribly, HORRIBLY wrong with you.

    11. Watch out for WhimsyShire. Moo.

  • Miguel Perez

    I loved you before, now I love you more

  • Kyo Firex

    When you speak of magic the gathering, we are now besties

    • Brian Bauer

      you read my mind with that one.

  • Gerardo Castañeda

    Wow!!! What a case!

  • Joseph9942

    Your life sounds much like mine hun, which is not a bad thing!, btw, do you play ps3/4!?

    • Liz Katz

      Yes I do, but I’ve been mostly using Xbox and my ipad (baldur’s gate) lately.

  • IDontDoScreennames


  • Guest

    Everyone report this page.

  • Kyle Rudy

    Everybody is different. Keep being who you are Liz, and challenge yourself to be brave everyday. I convinced at least 5 people to take up Yu-gi-oh! junior year of high school and anyone who tried to make fun of us I challenged them to pick up the Deck. No one dared. Cooking wizard nerds are rare and cool. I once went 165mph on Highway 364, aka the Page Extension St. Peters, in my parent’s 2006 BMW M3. That’s over 100mph then you would like, but I love cars. Thank god I didn’t hit a sinkhole, go over a bridge, drive through a parking structure(that would have been bad), go through toxic fumes #Weezing, drive over a large body of water, or hit a ramp that sent me flying into a plane that deflected me to a train that was on fire. (Wipe the brow)

  • Scatter Prime

    What is atheistic satanism? I’m an atheist, and if you don’t believe in God there is no reason to believe in Satan either. Not slamming on you, I just don’t get it…..

    • Roger K Peichert

      Right, it’s a contradiction of its self. That’s to funny I was wondering the same thing too. Lol

    • Joseph9942

      Its a manner of leaning toward believing in satan rather than god if im correct, for an ex. People often say “if there was a god why doesnt he do something abour the corruption and darkness to this world” thus causing people to lean towards believing in satan being a more believable supernatural being,

    • ReyeL

      Satanists (at least the majority) do not believe in Satan as
      contemporary Christians do. They believe in him more like…a guide, or
      something last I heard. I could be mistaken on that since it was an
      individual who told me this. Also if I remember correctly they believe
      that THEY themselves are the “higher power” or their own master. Nothing
      about a deity. So then yes, those Satanists would be atheistic

    • locksmyth

      Satanism (at least on only kind that can be actually found to be practiced is an atheistic religion. It holds that there are no higher powers and the material world is all there is.

    • J.M. Burnham

      There’s 3 types of Satanists.

      Spiritual satanists believe that demons are actually early pagan gods that the Christians twisted like they did their holidays. As such, they worship those. Generally involves a lot of meditation.

      Laveyan Satanism covers Liz’s group. They don’t believe in satan. Thry believe in freedom to do whatever you want, within reason. Their tenants actually forbid rape and make craploads of sense if you bother to read them. A lot of introspection in it, bettering yourself and moving forward.

      Aaaaand then there’s the whack jobs. The losers who harm animals and children and cry the devil made me do it. They’re not satanists. They’re crazy. No variation of satanism calls for sacrifice because dur, you may paid for that goat but killing it doesn’t do anything except for annoying an innocent goat. They make the rest of us look bad.

      • ZARDOZ DIO

        Which ones play the best music?

        • 4irplan3

          The crazy ones, obviously. The first two sound like hippies.

    • Sciamachy

      It’s kind of a spiritual version of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, which is essentially a form of social Darwinism & ignores the complementary & just as important theory of Mutual Aid that says we excel as a species not because we f**k each other over but because we co-operate & help each other out. We f**k over other species but generally work well together. Satanism values the lex talionis (an eye for an eye, do unto others as they do to you), and places the self as the highest power. Compare with Gnosticism which says that the real God has nothing to do with us and the only god that bothers with us is the demiurge, aka Baphomet (usually depicted as a horned goat creature) and Spiritual Satanism which is a rejection of the Judeo-Christian God but still believing in him – i.e. allying with Yahweh’s main enemy.

    • Scott D. Sullivan-Reinhart

      Satanism is primarily utilizing the meaning of Satan = Adversary… so in this context she means Adversarial-ism.

  • Adam Davey

    I think u are a very Gd person and I like your Cosplay and would like to see a lot more in the future

  • NarisDRIFT

    Good now i love you even more <3 <3

  • Bryan McGavis

    I had allot of friends like you in high school i was in the band tell 10th and got kicked out lol. Honestly was never into magic or any of that i played sports but always loved video games.

  • Brandon Wilson

    I just fell more deeply in love with you Liz! :)

  • Skillz McGee
    • douglas futrell

      I figure it this way. It was part of her past and that’s cool, that’s actually one reason I like her more than the other cosplayers out there. It shows me that she took risks, made mistakes, and grew due to it.

    • Scatter Prime

      I’m not sure why this seems to bother so many people. We don’t know the circumstances. She probably did what she had to do until she could get out of the life and into something better.

    • John Keegan

      Who cares?

    • Miguel Angel

      Nah, doesnt look like her.

      • Chupa

        it is…the same tats and same costumes but what does it really matter

      • BoomerBoom

        Who are you kidding? It looks exactly like her, not only that but everything is where it should be on the two of them. I have no problem with her being a porn-star, neither do I really care, but don’t deny the obvious.

        • Miguel Angel

          neither do i. Can you tell us why you think she looks exactly like her? thak you.

          • Ian H. Ugarte

            Shoulder tattoo is a dead giveaway. It’s a unique one, which makes it easier to identify.

            It’s definitely her, but it’s all in the past, so I think people should keep the two version of her outward persona separate, and let her do her cosplay thing.

    • Alex Fishface

      I’ve heard that rumor. Never bothered to look it up. She’s a very talented Cosplayer. What she’s done in the past is her own business. Whether she considers it a mistake and wants to move on with her life, or whether she feels like she wants to build her name as a Cosplayer without trying to pull in people from a different profession is none of my business.
      I tend to judge people more on how they act as a person than by what they did in the past.
      And by that standard, Liz Katz is a wonderful human being. Compared to Skillz McGee, who is just a troll.

    • Gus Blackstar

      That just means that she knows a bit more about sex than the average girl you meet on the street. We’ve all made choices in our lives – good or bad. Suppose you knew about a mother who turned to prostitution in order to feed her child(ren). Would you hold it against her? Everyone has a reason for their actions.

    • JT

      I have no idea why anyone would care. I have had my share of shitty jobs too. Now she does something else.

    • Wesley van Tilburg

      you are a real cunt you know that? too bad fukfaces like you are in this world >.<

    • R.w. Foster

      I don’t think it is her. For one, the voices sound different.

    • backlyt

      I’ll admit they look similar but they are obviously different people. However, if you want to watch Simms videos and pretend that it’s Katz, then that’s fine too.

  • Juan Carlos Hilario

    We need more facts=]

  • Jonofwrath

    I too have a problem with parking structures. All that bear concrete and the low ceilings…it makes me want to duck down even though I’m like 5’10 so not at risk of bumping my head!

  • Bonehead

    And you used to be a pornstar.

  • Sawpel

    Ur just a perfectly normal, next door girl. Nothing more we need to know and thats already enough to fall in love with you :]

  • Doc Woco

    Now i love u way more :)

  • Dillon

    I love you hahahaha


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