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The Best Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay Butt Shots (NSFW)

Well, the title says it all! These Street Fighter Cammy White cosplays go beyond just wearing the right bodysuit, wig, and accessories! These girls all have one thing in common an amazing rear! (and yes it actually takes more work to get your butt Cammy shape than it is to make the rest of the costume) It makes me want to do some SQUATS!!! These girls are so brave and so beautiful. I believe you should all thank them for that! Enjoy the best Cammy cosplay butt shots the internet has to offer! (If you are recognize any of the unkown cosplayers please put their name and a URL to their website in the comments so I can credit the cosplayers!)

Cosplayer: Maryjane Cosplay

Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano
street fighter cammy cosplaystreet fighter cammy cosplaystreet fighter cammy cosplaystreet fighter cammy cosplaycammy_cosplaycostumestreetfighterbabe_2

Cosplayer: Umi Kani
street fighter cammy cosplaystreet fighter cammy cosplay

Cosplayer: Bastet-sama
cammy cosplay

Cosplayer: Cosplay Butterfly

Cosplayer: JuTsukino
Cosplayer: Ivy Cosplay
street fighter cammystreet fighter cammy

Cosplayers Unkown



  1. Someone’s made a top 10 hottest cammy pics at: a lot of them are the same but there’s some decent ones.

  2. nice big ass

  3. how bout this one?

    • Can’t handle that it’s too sexy

  4. Crystal is absolutely gorgeous and I’m not just talking the butt, which is spectacular, but her face is beautiful.

  5. I think this gave me pink eye.

  6. Now those are some Grade A quality ass, I mean butts, I meant butts. XD

  7. No Raychul Moore?

  8. Ass for days~

  9. not much of a butt man. These however are nice

  10. Now this is a cosplay I can totally get behind :)

    Also, can’t believe Liz missed Alisa Kiss. Though I totally <3 Crystal =)

  11. I love seeing all that ASS on my screen!!!! Thank God for making hot chicks!!!!

  12. There are two unknown cosplayers. I am sure the one on top is Hayley Elise. A cosplayer from Sydney Australia.

    And yeah. Tis a shame Kristen Hughey is not on here.

  13. Raychul Moore is Missing. Imo


  15. The first cosplayer in the unknown section atm is Hayley Elise :)

  16. love Crystal Graziano…precious cosplay s2 :)

  17. What, no Raychul Moore?

  18. Terribly sad Kristen Hughey isn’t in this…

  19. The 2nd-5th pictures under the ‘Unknown’ section are all Crystal Graziano.

  20. the second unknown cosplayer is

  21. I can go blind now. I have seen all that there is to see.

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