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Black Cat Cosplay Pics Shooting Next Week

black cat preview phillyd

I am giddy to say I will be shooting my new Black Cat cosplay out in some seedy parts of LA this week!   Nothing better than a pretty cosplay girl in a dirty dangerous alley!  Well nothing looks better anyway!   Last week I shot the first ever preview images of my Black Cat cosplay with Philip Defranco  who is  just getting into photography himself!  You can see all the shots here!    A little details on the costume itself, the catsuit  base was made by Castle Corsetry.  I made all the fur trim, gloves, necklace, and the mask.  The mask was my first time ever using Worbla, and I have to say I can’t wait to have some more practice with it!  I’m in love with the stuff!

black cat preview 2 phillyd



  • Mike Ferrelli

    So cool!

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