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Cosplay of The Week: Princess Fiona

Despite what you may think, full body paint is actually very hard to pull off.  We see so many off shades, so much rushed work, and quite a few mismatched body parts due to color inconsistency.  It’s very hard to make a cosplay requiring full body paint to look good and not just read as a colorful mess.  I always love to showcase airbrushing when done well!!   This is body paint done right!!    10698559_364645103711010_1155308660434545796_n     A huge well done to Sweets4aSweet Cosplay for her wonderful portrayal of Princess Fiona (Shrek).   She did an amazing job on both Fiona’s princess dress and on her more casual attire for those days by the swamp.   I’ve been following her for a while and she does some amazingly unique characters.  She has a most impressive Miss Piggy and Murderface Cosplay that you need to check out for yourself HERE!  


  • Joel Graves

    Looks sooo good! Them eyes tho

  • Raul

    Nicely done!

  • Sweets4aSweet

    Thank you soooooo much, Liz!! This means a lot to me!! There was so much trial and error to find a paint method I liked and I really appreciate you sharing it!! (And a special shoutout to my bestie for helping paint me!!) <3

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