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Cosplay of the Week: Iron Stan

This week we are kicking off our first ever cosplay of the week!     I scour the interwebz constantly looking for the most awe inspiring cosplays. Whether it be for them being creative, accurate, well made, sexy, or just plain fun; these are my favorites.   This week I’m proud to introduce Iron Stan!

dadpool iron man stan lee


You may see this and think “yes, that’s a funny photoshop job” only it isn’t photoshop!  It’s a clever illusion! Check out the side view:

Dadpool iron stan

This amazing costume and concept comes from Australian cosplayer/ costume maker, Dadpool.  He makes one of the most impressive iron man suits I have ever seen!     Guys, check out his Facebook Page and see what I mean!    My hat goes off to you and your amazing armor builds!



  • Julian Gemmell

    Wow, Ms Katz you are Cosplay royalty and I am truly honored that you featured me. love your work and hope to see you on Superpower Beatdown again soon… just love it! ;)

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