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Friend Nor Foe: A Liz Katz Poem

“Friend Nor Foe”


 Choke me
 Hold me
 Fuck me
 Make me
 Come again to overtake me
 No more can you force your way
 Your soul a sickly shade of gray
 I don't know if i will miss
 The way my face met with your fist
 Now unbound I can say
 It's a better world without you
 One word answers
 One way streets
 The greater purpose it defeats
 The bigger picture I have framed
 To hide the hole of my disdain
 Then again I let you in
 I spread in half; wide open
 All that is left behind today
 There’s a better way without you
 It's the excess i adore
 You take and take
 I give some more
 With no soul left to sell
 You steal from a wishing well
 The light ahead begins to flicker
 Take the meds that make us sicker
 Your bright future now quite dim
 It's a better life without you
-  © 2012 Liz Katz

For a while some of you have asked about my writings.  So I am publicly posting some of my older short poems and stories on my site over time. I Hope you enjoy all the Liz Katz poems!

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  • Shoren Askani

    really really beautiful, sad, cute, very beautiful :)

  • Joshua Ortega

    Wow that was beautiful.

  • Hughes Roussel

    I can related to this, i was also in an abusive relationship…

  • Mig

    man you just topped edgar alan poe and i think its been 100 years #poemqueen wow theses i take into my heart 4ever

  • Reid C. Smith

    You basically wrote the words in my head without me ever having to pick up a pen. I was in a broken relationship which in turn led to a failed marriage. I realize now that I was played from the very beginning. She was a very cunning sociopath and I fell for it all. Good riddance!

  • Brian Dornbusch

    Very moving. I can only imagine what you went through but this paints a picture. I would like to see more. How do you write it? When I write stuff like this I close my eyes and just feel and type out what comes flowing out no matter what it is.

  • Hyosuke


  • Haseo Voldor

    T.T thank u Liz! I follow u in facebook from spain 3 months ago! I’ll never expect something else like this! Thank you for let me read one of ur poems!! Thank you so much

    • Liz Katz

      I’ll post more. I find people tend to misjudge me, thinking I am all sunshine and rainbows. I am the opposite on the inside.

      • Donovan Purvis

        Your Just Creatively Insane.

  • Jonathan Barker

    Amazing poem. You are very talented. Not to mention you are the sexiest, most gorgeous angelic goddess ever to exist in the past, pressent, and future of mankind. I am happy to at least know of God’s greatest creation:) I would trade the rest of my life to hold you in my arms once, happily. :) Thank you for being you.

  • Tim Hartzell

    That is interesting liz, kind of dark for the face i’ve seen on FB, but you did mention in your video about bi-polar that you’ve been in dark places as well as the brighter ones. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Gercho-san Andrade

    I got to ask… Why the “fuck me” line?

    • Liz Katz

      It’s about an abusive relationship.

      • Gercho-san Andrade

        And why not “Hit Me”?

        • Liz Katz

          Because a big part of an abusive relationship is the sexual. It’s about the control.

          • Gercho-san Andrade

            I’ll wait for you to write something again, you showed me a different side of you with this… Your brain. Congratulations Liz, i like it. (trust me, it is something rare… I don’t like this kind of things offten)

  • Mark Bouma

    Holy cow, girl. This coming from you completely blew my mind. It’s very good, yet makes me feel sad. Can I have a hug?

  • Christian Skov Thomsen


  • Mike Ferrelli

    Wow, that’s pretty deep Liz, well done. Can’t wait for more. :)

    • Liz Katz

      Thanks, Mike!

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