Underwear Mishap

I hate when good old trustworthy clothes finally decide to disintegrate from use.  This was a loyal, hardworking, good-natured thong.  It must have been a good 4-5 years old.  Today it finally quit.  Sadly Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have the great selection on undies that it used to.  Everything feels really cheap and just doesn’t fit the same.  🙁  I’d be on the hunt for a replacement but I feel it’s too soon and I should have a memorial for all it’s years of service.  RIP brave prince… you will be missed!

Linda and Bob Posing Video

Ever wonder how awkward posing as a character for a photo shoot looks on video?  Now You know in this short behind the scenes clip!


Sorry for the re-posts earlier!  They were made in error when I was setting some pages up to not index and trying to fix a few SEO issues that came up.   Hopefully we get our ranking back in the next few days!  For those of you who never really noticed I’ve always worked hard to keep my images on the first page of google image searches for their related keywords.  It’s something I pride myself on.  Unfortunately a few errors and plop your placing goes to poop.   So you have to try and figure out the issues, fix them, and then wait and hope they come back up.   It’s really a nail biting pain in the rear 😛

Underneath it All

I took this photo quickly after taking a shower once I got back from shooting my Bob’s burger cosplay (please excuse the costume and slippers mess thrown about).    I’ll be back on Snapchat tomorrow evening and will add the remaining usernames you guys sent.  I’ll also be sending out email to all of you who newly registered on how to join my Snapchat.  Goodnight everyone and happy super early Valentine’s day!

Working on Cosplay But Now I'm Naked

I’ve been working on some cosplays this evening!   Tomorrow I will preview one of them here!  (though it is a bit silly for Valentine’s Day)  I’ll give you a hint! (no googling allowed!)  “Throw a ripped wedding dress on this daiquiri ’cause it is not a virgin!”

In the meantime here I am out of cosplay… Out of everything.  And then with some weird 80’s movie poster look on the same two pictures (because, why not!?)

It's How Late?

Glip Glop Work Plop

Glip glop and English words.  I’ve been up working on my dragons scale thong while watching Rick and Morty…. Here is an entirely unrelated thong.

Hentai Preview (No Tentacles)

Here is the first true preview (without the CG tentacles) of my Hentai inspired cosplay.    The entire tentacle filled set will be up publicly on my cosplay section in a week and a half (these images are not part of the public release)!   Also I’ll post a true behind the scenes article on it here with it’s release.   See you guys on Snapchat tomorrow afternoon!

The Worst Lighting in the House

One unfortunate thing about recessed lighting is it can make a room hard to shoot photos in without other lights.  My office/ craft room/ playroom is such a room.  Marvel at the terrible lighting!

Kitty Katz (This needs to be a real shoot sometime)

Well I finally got that other plague that everyone else in the house was sick with.  Thanks guys! -.-  I refuse to let it bring me down! So I am downing orange juice and doing the Yogas.    I found my Catwoman hood thing (it’s just a cheap one from Rubies Costume’s but it looks pretty good considering the price and it’s uber comfy to wear!)   I definitely think I need to throw on my gloves and do a real shoot with the good camera like this ASAP!   Sorry I had to push Snapchat back until tomorrow.  I’ll be on from the time my son gets picked up until I crash!

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