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Live Action Wacky Racers Car Commercial

wacky racers 2wacky racers
I used to love watching Wacky Racers reruns as a kid when it would air during weekend afternoons on Cartoon Network.   Then like many of the other Hanna-Barbera it disappeared and become obsolete.   Well, French automaker Peugeot has brought back the nostalgia with this official 2014 ad for the Peugeot 208  (a new superman car from the automaker).   I don’t understand what they are saying since it is not in English, but what I do understand is the rest of the world has even sillier commercials than we do here in the US! Anywhoo, check out this awesomely nostalgic Wacky Racers car commercial!

  • Manoel D’Mann Martiniano

    Este comercial foi feito para ser exibido aqui no Brasil. Por isso não está em inglês. Criatividade brasileira a serviço da nostalgia e da modernidade.

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