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   Tifa Lockhart Will Make You Beat Rush

This Tifa Lockhart cosplay was my first cosplay I ever did an official photo shoot of in 2012.   It was also the shoot which put me on the map (so to say) as a cosplayer.  Is this a game accurate costume?  No.   It is meant to be Tifa in real life, but done in a way that makes her look unreal.   I really didn’t have much experience putting together things like this at the time.  Her usual gloves would have been a put too cartoonish for this shoot.  This cosplay attempt was also before I knew how to work with foam so I omitted her arm armor completely.  This was also back when I was still beginning to learn to use photoshop and you can probably tell.  I feel my poor skill and inexperience actually added to these images in a sense by making them feel more unreal and like a video game.   The location Sam found for me was PERFECT!!!   We shot outside of some big water refinery in LA.  We learned you can’t actually go into or get near a water refinery in the city without a lot of proper clearance (we tried).   Still the refinery in the background looks so much like Midgar!!  Will I redo this cosplay and shoot?  Well with the pending release of the FFVII remake I most certainly must!

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