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Right In The Childhood

Jenny Lorenzo (who we love!) recently wrote and directed this trailer based on some of the most beloved shows from every 90’s kid’s childhood. Check it Frizzle and the Magic School Bus!

  • StudioMan

    How about some real criticism? So sound could be better, and the music sounds really generic and boring.
    But the real problem here is the script. it’s just not funny. the idea of childhood characters breaking bad is corny and *really* overused, and this video does not tackle it in a new or interesting way.

    • Alan Schrock

      if you watch any of those old cartoons, they’re not as funny as we remember them. this actually fit the personalities of the characters they’re based off of perfectly, right down to spinelli hating that she was in fact an ashley. and of course it’s corny and overused, but all kids’ movies are.

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