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Sega Is Back In The Console War

Sega is back in the console war with new CEO, Keith Apicary at the helm. (very funny)

  • Tim Medders

    dude so wrong not cool

  • Andrew Z

    Segacide YES PLEASE

  • archangel21

    Lmfao I almost thought it true till the fakeness showed up

  • Ben Woodall

    Why?! Why are you doing this?!

  • Jacob Anderson

    wow. what a major trollfest. Damn it Liz.

  • Jacob Anderson

    Damn it Liz. Why you must toll?

  • John Steinman


  • Noah

    mega 64 amg

  • Ryan White

    Wtf so no Dreamcast 2? I was already playing it in my head. Now im smh. And crying.. in my head. About to commit Segacide :/

  • Jess Renee


  • Eidrian Van Leeuwen


    • Liz Katz

      Hahaha!! That sums up my feelings on this as well!

  • Ryan Locklear

    That guy is ridiculous lol

  • RyanW


  • Broski 3000

    Well i thought some great news was about to be told to me smh

  • Heiko Soest


  • Njarfie

    Trolled – Damn, almost got excited.

    • Liz Katz


  • Andrew Ardianto

    And to think that I was excited… :P

  • mike ahuja

    liz you tricked me!!!!

    • Liz Katz


      • mike ahuja

        good trick though…u got me to visit the sega site and apply for some jobs….(now i wanna prove u wrong and bring sega back!!!)

  • Benjamin Porter

    That is a fantastic Promo!!!!

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