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Sexy Pikachu Cosplays

If you are my age Pokemon was a big part of your childhood. It’s amazing as they continue to make new games for the series we can still hold on to it through our adult years. These Sexy Pikachu cosplays should hit you hard in the childhood! If you know who any of the mystery cosplayers are please comment with their name, page, and which number photo down they are so I can credit them!

Cosplayer: Ashtrayheart Facebook

pikachu_cosplay_03 pikachu_cosplay_02

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri Facebook

16261322 jessica_nigri_pikachu_04

Cosplayers Unkown

sexy-pikachu-girl-costume8 sexy-pikachu-girl-costume11
sexy-pikachu-girl-costume3 tumblr_luy17twIWv1qkkuw5o1_400 pikachu_cosplay_by_kaia_tran_by_xkaochii-d57woj3 pikachu

Cosplayer: Levy Tran


Cosplayer: Envy Kitty Pearson


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