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Sexy Slave Leia

Liz Katz Leia 1 Submit

Watch The Ultimate Disney/Star Wars Parody!!!!
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Liz Katz Leia 2 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 8 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 7 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 6 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 5 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 4 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 3 Submit
SuperHeroStuff - New Tank Tops
Liz Katz Leia 9 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 16 Submit
Watch The Ultimate Disney/Star Wars Parody!!!!
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Liz Katz Leia 11 Submit

Liz Katz Leia 10 Submit


  1. You look like Megan fox (younger years)

  2. Absolutely amazing! May the force be with you!

  3. I say excellent

  4. Manifique créature!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 7th from the bottom should be a poster, hell all of them should, giving me star wars fan blue balls here.

  6. Just thinking about the women who had the biggest impact in my childhood Princess Leia in the gold bikini :)

  7. That is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Simply amazing. You’re a sight to behold!



  1. Liz Katz Cosplay | Female Cosplayer of the Week #3 | Hero Nuggets - […] More Leia HERE […]

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