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Sneak Peek At the New Ninja Turtles Movie

New ninja turtles movie It’s time for Michael Bay’s take on another iconic series from our childhoods. This is an alleged sneak peek at the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie poster. After seeing this glimpse into the Ninja Turtles new look I must say I don’t like it, but then I remember, this movie isn’t meant for me! This movie is meant for my son and his generation!

Ninja Turtles as we knew them where introduced in the late 80s and they where just what kids in the late 80s/ early 90s wanted to see! Children’s entertainment was much sillier and simple back then. Now today TMNT has already been very successful with it’s reinvented Cartoon series since Nickelodeon acquired the franchise. The turtles don’t look anything like the originals but you know what? My son loves them! As a matter of fact, he prefers them to the original series. If you try to show kids today most of the older shows and cartoons from out youth they loose interest very quickly. Why is this? Well, It seems to me one of the biggest issues is in the animation and colors themselves. Kids seem to be more drawn to the brighter colors, CG effects, and clean lines of modern shows of today. (Bright colors are like crack for their eyes!)   They also like more action, more explosions, and my son takes his superhero movies very seriously!   So I completely understand why shows reinvent their look over the years. What as adults we may have liked in our youth just isn’t what kids like today. Maybe we should keep this in mind more as 25+ year old shows are brought back to life. They are not for us. They are for us to take our kids to! :P

UPDATE: There where a series of photo leaks from but they have since deleted them.  The preview however was enough to put our minds at ease, and realize those Ninja Turtle halloween costume photos that where going around are just terrible and very cheap knockoffs to the new movie versions (thank goodness!)    Though the character themselves are not done these are allegedly the finalized designs!

new Donatello T

  • Charles Weeden

    Michael Bay better not fuck this up. He already fucked up the Transformers.

  • John Brooke

    Can’t wait for a new TMNT movie! And more video games! If Michael Bay brings this to a slightly more mature audience that would be great. We’ve seen enough of the goofy and tame ninja turtles….and if Bay wants them to be aliens that is fine by me. It really doesn’t change their motivation or take away from their badass martial arts or love of pizza. People need to relax and just enjoy what comes.

  • Jhun Providi

    I have been watching every kind of TMNT there is, I liked the first one but it was not that entertaining as I have supposed to be now that I have re-watched the old 1987 series. I only finished up to 4th season of the old series and watch the 9th and 10th season where their mutation became unstable that turns into super turtles.

    Now TMNT 2003 was the coolest thing I have watched. I finished all 7 seasons in a breeze. The turtles have distinctive qualities rather than the old 1987 series that all turtles have almost the same “Michaelangelo” qualities (except for Raph that always breaks the 4th wall). They have fought different versions of Shredders and well, the Kraangs or Ultroms are friendly. It was different but I liked it that way.

    Then, TMNT movie came out, I’d say it is a continuation of the 2003 series but i dunno… I liked it anyway.

    Now, Nick’s TMNT is not that bad, and I kinda like that the guy they used for Mike’s voice was the voice actor for Kevin Levin and Beast Boy!!! Though he lost the “surfer voice” I think Mike’s personality in these series is kinda new and nice for a change. Still, the distinctive qualities of each turtles are present and well, I’m kinda into season 2 right now. But it can’t compare to 2003 series which I liked but it is still better than 1987 series where all the scripts are into “cheesy punchlines” which every character says kinda a bit too much.

    TMNT 2003 > Nickelodeon’s TMNT > TMNT original comics > 1987’s TMNT

  • Eric Blondebeard

    you know what? the nickelodeon version is actually amazing and as a fan you see lots of parallels to the original comics. sure things are for modern audiences but goddamn they try their best to keep its core alive and they do an amazing job at it. The movie on the other hand tries to crush this core before it even hita theaters….also, considering its a bay movie, the audience isnt supposed to be lil kids, more like teenagers who like explosions and “geeks who would buy the name”, just like with transformers….i dont mind new attempts….but you cant go around and change everything of a franchise people love and always loved….turtles had so many reboots and so many kids liked it over and over again, yet they were always teenage mutant ninja turtles…whats wrong with that formular? nothing! bay, stop your franchise-rape….its not cool…

    • Madrox303

      I grew up on the original, have all of the Eastman and Laird comics and my 4 yr old son LOVES the new one. I’ll give this a chance but if its not a cartoon I’ll leave my son home..he wont sit through it.

  • Rosemarie E Hammer

    Yes, I also remember the TMNT, well.. Resembling teenagers! These guys looks so serious!
    I’m lucky, my son LOVES all the old cartoons I enjoyed as a kid. Angry Beavers, Hey, Arnold, Rockos Modern Life, and all the old Avenger characters animated series.
    I guess it pays to not have my TV antenna connected :P

    I’m certainly looking forward to the possibility if this movie!

  • Josh McNattin

    The original comics were the best, without the individually colored accessories. The looks to be much less goofy than the cartoon and movies, which is great.

  • John Fittro

    I heard about this over a year ago. Wasn’t it scrapped from all the hate it got? Hence the t-shirts that say “Don’t Bay me bro”.

  • Mike Ferrelli

    I just hope it’s kinda dark and gritty. The first life action movie had some of that element. If it’s a real martial arts movie it should be decent. If it’s aliens, it’ll suck.

  • Tavio Escamilla

    Growing up on the cartoon and the first movies, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing the original and the reboots to my five-year-old daughter. She loves them all, the 80s toons, all the original movies, the computer animation movie from 2006 (?), and the new Nick series, along with the new comic adventures. She has watched and read them all many times. And has played with many of the figures. But the original series trumps the new series to her. So she’s not sold on the computer-generated bells and whistles. She enjoys the light-slapstick of the old series best. So when it comes to free time, she always opts to follow the same turtles we grew up with.

  • David KidTwist Perez

    so dope…

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