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Spring Fitness Goals 2014

It’s spring and I’m sick of not being on top of my game. I’m sick of feeling tired, and I’m sick of not be able to beat up the boys. So instead of moping I’ve started to get back into training! Legs and buns one day, upper body and core the next, and cardio everyday! I posted about this on my Facebook Page and I am always confused by people who comment “You already look fit, you already look good” things along that line. Yes, I am currently relatively lean, but I am not as fit as I would like to be, and certainly not nearly as cardiovascularly  fit as I should be.  Beyond that, I don’t like feeling doughy.

I used to be the girl who would challenge all the boys to arm wrestling contests, the girl with two little cantaloupe halves for a butt. :P Obviously now as an adult I am more curvy than in my teens and always will be (I happen love my curves!!) but what makes curves even better is when they are toned and sculpted. All woman should train to some degree (all ladies can benefit from working out) It keeps us strong, healthy, and beautiful on the outside. I’m hoping to show you guys the difference physical fitness makes using my body as an example. I am starting out 5ft tall 110 llbs and looking to regain definition in my arms, build muscle in my thighs, sculpt my abs and shape my booty.   I am not looking to loose any weight.    I expect weight to either stay the same or for me to actually gain a couple of pounds of muscle.  Now if you are someone who is trying to loose some weight, I advise you to still follow my workout plan but to add in your own diet plan, as I am not cutting calories. I am making healthier choices for the sake of my skin and energy levels.

March 25th, 2014

Last night I did my first intense workout in the past couple of months. I started slacking after I got sick last year. I used The Xbox On Fitness App (which i will write a more detailed review about on a later post) Xbox Fitness Workout: 10-Minute Trainer Cardio (no bands for a strictly cardio warm up) then Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs (I’m still sore!) Lastly 2 sets of 40 crunches. Here is my body after one day of the Xbox One Fitness Workout.

photo 1photo 4 photo 2

  • Myke

    You must get sooooooo many quips, comments and general pervy banter from us blokes, but I just gotta put my 2p’s worth of English currency in there – Kat, you are simply stunning. I can’t actually think of any other words to put, my brain is a mush! Love you, and your cosplay/site, determination and dedication.

    All the best, Myke xx

  • Jay

    I absolutely enjoy looking at your back dimples!
    Anyway, back on topic…Working out should not be seen as a chore but a necessity. You should sign up and log your workouts at; it helps keep you motivated. Enjoy luv!

  • Alex Flack

    Oh my god that body is rocking, really this is a before photo?

  • Atomic Man

    even though your butt is meh, good job

    • Liz Katz

      This is my before photo.

      • Atomic Man

        oh, cool

  • Mike Ferrelli

    That’s awesome Liz! You’re settin’ the example for gettin up off our lazy butts and getting in shape. That would be extra cool, as a gamer girl, if you could accomplish your goals using just the Xbox One fitness “games”. Keep updating.

  • Eddy

    smoking hot, bones are not sexy, gotta have some meat

  • tom

    Train hard, kick some ass. Good luck.

  • Cyrus Wilken

    Fit is the New Sexy!!
    Keep it up :)

  • kas

    Fap days…

  • Matthew

    You are amazing! Nothing wrong with wanting to stay fit but I would worship you as is.

  • Sciamachy

    Get lifting – d’you follow Jill Hanner at all, maybe? She’s transformed herself from a fairly fit-ish YouTuber to a mega-fit personal trainer. Check out her Facebook. Lifting won’t hulk you out (that takes steroids!) but it’ll make you strong like a lioness.

  • Colin Parks

    Spot on liz good work

  • casey

    Should do weekly posts on this. Also from when i do my tracking pics i try to keep them to a standard. Same time of day for same lighting camera same distance so on. Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference in workouts. This helps keeping track when you can do side by side comparisons.

  • AJ

    I don’t blame you. when you have to look good and show a lot of skin you gotta do what it takes

  • Dustin

    Like how you made a point about not wanting or expect to go down in lbs. people far to often get hung up on that number, Weight doesnt not determine health( by its self anyways)

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