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Spring Fitness Update 1

As you may recall from my post the other week, I am getting back into the shape for the sake of my self and my cosplay characters coming up! It’s Spring Fitness Time! We are a little over a week in and I am happy with my progress so far! I didn’t work out as consistently this past week as I would have liked, but I did get it in twice for the week thus far and can already see some results which is encouraging!

Xbox Fitness Workout:

1st workout of the week: Mossa Core Workout 1, 10 Minute Six Pack Abs. 15 pushups, 2 sets of 20 tricep extensions

2nd Workout of the week: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs (I’m still sore!) Lastly 2 sets of 40 crunches.

Changes to my diet:

As I said in my previous post. I am not after weight loss as in loosing pounds, but I am after toning, shaping, and living healthier. My boyfriend and I are having a no Chicken, Beef, or Pork month (he just wants to do it for the heck of it). I am in it because People eat way to much meat! After this month I will be only have meat once a week. I am still eating seafood (salmon, mahi mahi, lobster, and crab). My main diet for the week has consisted of eggs, delicious gluten free granolas, an increase in fruits to replace junk food snacks (blueberries, apples, oranges, bananas, and pears), spinach, veggie Stir fry, lettuce topped with blue cheese, Buffalo Tofu, Veggie burgers with cheese, and lots of sweet potatoes! I’ve already started feeling more alert when awake the past few days and I think it really is due to the healthier lifestyle. I feel like I’m in less of a daze.

Here is my body progress after 1 and a half weeks of the Xbox One Fitness Workout.

photo (17)photo (6)photo (16)

See What I looked like Last Week!

I am very happy with my one (and a half) week results so far and am looking forward to next week! My Goals for this week are continued focus on lifting and rounding my butt and thighs, more focus on abs to get more of a lined definition without flexing, and an increased focus on my upper arms and shoulders.

  • NarisDRIFT

    so sexy! just wow you are perfection! <3

  • Raza Ardiansyah

    come to indonesia

  • Bad Guy

    So we are gonna see Liz vs. AJ Lee @ Wrestlemania 31?

    keep on working out hard! Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence. Liz – wish you all the best ^^

  • Jay

    Looking leaner and more toned already. Keep up the good work! BTW, not sure if you saw my previous post but did you get a chance to check out for tips and setting up an account to track progress?

    • Liz Katz

      Thanks, Jay!

  • DK

    THE BEST SEXY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonofwrath

    Stunning, Liz x

  • Mig

    i thought you were perfect but then a week went by and wow im speechless ;]
    alwaysyourfan tis guy haha ^^ :DDD

  • Kyle Rudy

    Keep up with what you’re doing, you look great. Just don’t go vegan.

  • David Šťáva

    But Liz, there’s no such thing as shaping without losing weight. As you lose weight, you lose fat. In this process your body gets a better shape.
    I’m your bit fan from Europe. Do you have any life-size posters? Do you ship to Europe?

    • Liz Katz

      You loose fat, not weight. I may actually gain weight in the process of converting fat into mostly. If you have a lot of fat to loose, you will loose weight, but i do not, I’m just converting fat to muscle. I do ship to Europe! But neigh I do not have an life size posters :P

      • David Šťáva

        So you’re gaining muscle mass easily? Cool. Yeah, you’re right, you can actually loose fat and gain muscle mass (and weight) at the same time. But converting fat ito muscle is Mission impossible :D
        I was asking because I have a huge space on my wall and a small poster is just not enough to fill it out. It would look puny. Well, if you ever sell life-size posters, let us know on your FB page :-)
        Big :-* from the Czech Republic

        • meanbastard jr

          Dood do u even lift…

          • David Šťáva


          • ushiro

            Everyone keeps spelling lose wrong.

        • Guest

          Very admirable. However you know its biologically impossible to turn fat into muscle. What you do is loose the fat and grow the muscle. And as muscle is denser than fat as you tone you can gain a little weight whilst reducing in size.

      • Phil Halliwell

        Very admirable. However you know its biologically impossible to turn fat into muscle. What you do is loose the fat and grow the muscle. So as muscle is denser than fat as you tone you can gain a little weight whilst reducing in size.

      • Ranmaru Ichimonji

        whats ur workout??
        id like to know

  • Aaron LeClair

    Good luck with trying to look better. Might be like light trying to go faster.

  • Guest

    Good luck looking better. Might be like trying to pass the speed of light.

  • Hixar

    I don’t understand why people stop eating meat, its a sustainable food source due to the cultivation of animals , unlike seafood that is being pulled straight from the ocean not being replaced or maintained.

    • Liz Katz

      I didn’t stop eating meat, I have cut back, and am taking a month off from it. We as a society it way to much meat! It’s not good for us or the environment to consume meat every day with most meals. (which is what most people do)

  • Kevin

    military shoulder press for shoulders. as for arms concentrate on triceps mostly.

  • Cain Kamikazi

    i once looked that hot! then i was born q.q

  • a man who lifts

    Your stomach/core looks more toned/firmer. well done. Fitness for the win.

    • Liz Katz

      Thank you! It’s been quite a while since I really dedicated my self to getting back in shape! I’m so happy to already be seeing results! Makes me motivated to keep training!

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