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The Best Diablo Demon Hunter Cosplay Ever

Korean cosplayer Tasha Cosplay  of Spiral Cats Cosplay is by far my favorite cosplay model who I just discovered.   If your haven’t heard of her, you certainly have seen some of her work shared throughout the interwebs (It took me a while to figure out who she was! I wish more girls would watermark their photos so they could get the credit they deserve!)   In my opinion Tasha has by far pulled off  the best female Demon Hunter cosplay (from Diablo 3) that I have ever seen!      She is stunning, her cosplay looks uber well made, the location is awesome, the props are perfect, and she is just the right amount of sexy to flip this from just being a cool costume to a jaw dropping one!

tumblr_m3hlmsg1oU1qbo448o1_1280 Tasha-Spcats-photos diablo-3-cosplay blizzard-cosplayer-best demon-hunter-cosplay inven_co_kr_20120505_142554 tumblr_m3hlmsg1oU1qbo448o3_1280 tumblr_m3hlmsg1oU1qbo448o2_1280


  • Hanna

    Where can I buy a costume so I’m in love <3 please please I would be very happy about an answer

  • asdaver

    cosplay without tits?

  • Armando Rojas

    Love it

  • arcot

    i want work with you liz..

  • Steve Andres

    Beautifully done…detailed beyond imagination. .vexy Sexy….PERFECT!!

  • Josh St Pierre

    Looks amazing. Good work

  • Bduncan

    Thats a ridiculously detailed armor for a cosplay. Excellent work :-)

  • Marty Robinson


  • JT Drew

    I liked your page through Liz Katz! Really awesome and thanks liz for introducing to this amazing cos player!

  • Baconcheese burger

    I wanna smell her armor butt :3

  • Bruno Marques

    you should see her Kerrigan

  • Sharon Turner

    Wow so nice

  • reaper82

    Bad ass looking demon hunter

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