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The Best Mystique Cosplays

Contrary to what many may think, there is far more to cosplaying Mystique than just going naked and rolling around in blue paint.  hours and hours of painting can go into it (I’m talking 8 hours!).  Plus there’s the issue of shading to enhance body contours, color of blue, blending, texture, hair, costume (for some), posing your body, concept, and attitude.  Mystique to me in her blue form represents an empowering  sexy confidence.     I’ve seen a lot of Mystique cosplay attempts, and many end up muddled and messy.  It’s a really hard one to pull off!   These Mystique cosplayers go above and beyond and are truly the best mystique cosplays I have ever seen!!! My hats off to the cosplayers, body painters, and the photographers who made these possible!

 Cosplayer: Callie Cosplay

mystique cosplaymystique cosplaymystique cosplay24_1546835686_nmystique cosplay38_1484984872_n

Cosplayer: Loptimystique cosplayhko4_1280mystique cosplaymystique cosplay

Cosplayer: Yuki Cosplay

Cosplayer: Rei

mystique cosplay

Cosplayer:  Sam Cooke. Body Painting by Getmadeup.


Cosplayer: Taylor Brooke Schneider


Cosplayers: Lisa Tavella
mystique cosplay

Cosplayer Unkown
mystique cosplay

  • kluu

    I never liked the X movie version. Yuki is definitely the most authentic tho Callie is really pretty and that transition pic is pretty cool.

    • Carissa Grall

      Eh, Rei’s better than Yuki IMO.

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