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The Hoverboard Video That Trolled The Internet

A new company called HUVrTech stunned the internet today when it announced it’s fully functional hoverboard called a HUVr board (designed based on the Hoverboards from Back To the Future) is coming soon! In a promotional video released yesterday, the new HUVr board is demonstrated and endorsed by celebrities like came out with the ultimate video today which showed celebrities like Christopher Lloyd, Moby, and Tony Hawk endorsing the device and pro football player Terrell Owens demonstrating it.
The most stunning thing about the new Huvr board is how many people where actually trolled by the video and website! It’s a hysterical (and very expensive) marketing campaign for something (I’m sure we will find out for what and by who very soon, much like that Dumb Starbucks that popped up last month). I’m sorry If your dreams have been crushed. The video is well done aside from the white harness which is visible as Terrell Owens is lifted (oops!)

Here is the hover board video for you all to enjoy. ┬áNow, Don’t get trolled. :P


The main MIT student in the hoverboad video is an actor name Nelson Cheng
Also it appears the stylist/ costume designer involved in the video posted this listing to her resume as a credit from a Funny or Die sketch. (she has since removed the listing) Source of Screenshot: Gizmodo.
funny or die huvr board

  • Juan C Walls

    When they did this for Back to the Future II, they used a crane and the hoverboard was hanging from this crane with wires. They just removed the wires and the effect looked much more realistic than this one. It is the same they did for Iron Man when he is in the garage trying the jet boots. It looked so good because the hoverboard (or the jet boots) was the thing hanging from the wires and not the actor.

  • V1nn1P76

    And you can easily understand it’s fake cause most of the time that someone is in the viewfield of the camera and is moving, you can just see his/her feet and not the rest of the bodies cause they’re hanged someway to some machine (you can undestand it from how weird looks their clothes on their shoulders)…

  • Beau

    The tech is real, scientists have made a real crude hoverboard, but it doesn’t work like the one above. It’s confined to a magentic track and fueled by liquid nitrogen.

  • Ermahgerd Jigglypuff Jones

    I am disappoint.

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