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These people are the worst of the worst, the cream of the crap. They are haters, the creeps, and the idiots who disgrace the internet with their presence. This will be a forever growing page of screenshots from comments and messages people have sent me, or left on any of my pages about me, my cosplays, or other girls I post and their cosplays.  We call out bullies and pervs here on the wall of shame!   If you see anything on my page that is Wall of Shame worthy, submit a screenshot of it to    (No nude photos, or photos of penises.  They will be flagged, reported, and not posted.)




This winning fella has his current girlfriend or wife’s photos all over his page (as well as their baby’s).   I wonder how she would feel about his going out of the way to send this to other women he doesn’t even know!

wall of shame guy with family


amelia pond wall of shame
amanda r wall of shame

Hater of other Cosplayers found on my Page
madison conant wall of shame 2

Nicolle Feildsend

The “Pervs”

shabeer wall of shame

usin wall of shame


  • Danielle Stokhof

    Doesn’t matter what others say, you are who you are. And if you like who you are then why the fuck would you be different! Keep doing what you love, as long as it makes you happy.

  • David

    WTF!?!? Really…what the hel is wrong with people these days. The first one…just wow..and that dude…that I think is asking for sex..stay classy dude. You know..I have worked ALOT of cons the past six years..and no one…except of the cosplayers…..knows what it takes to be involved in the cosplay community. And them getting in here….posting this crap…is just BS. Don’t listen to none of it..and do what you do girl! XD!

  • Alchemyst
  • Jerome Stapleton

    well your not always awesome sometimes you can be and yea some comments are agreeable with..

  • Elbow on knee chin on fist

    :( I expected a bigger wall.

  • Hugh G Wreckshin

    Time to post something really pervy so I can end up on this list!

  • Daniel Guerrero


  • KevinT1149

    I would rather get tortured by Jack Bauer than be a female on the internet….. Wait its 2014…. Is anyone doing Jack Bauer jokes any more?

  • Michael Morris

    The first picture of the guy Radosław PoBabci has a wife. I happily messaged her the screenshot.

  • Nathan Harris

    i dunno if what im about to say is rude or not but your hot. and your cosplays are awesome fuck the haters keep ya head up and stay strong these freaks on here which youve posted are leading false lives well the first guy anyway you can tell his heads not on straight or on at all, as for the indian dude, you can see why theres billions of them. >.< that was a bit rascist but its true lol..
    i can take a hit, haters gon hate

  • mumei

    Aside from the ones dissing your actual cosplay, these seem to be typical pervert messages. I have seen other articles where girls posted the lewd messages guys send them. There needs to be a website devoted just to outing these @$$#0!3$.

  • William Kthulhuu Deem

    much virgin trying to get liz sex. interesting.

  • fenixtorador

    How do people like this even exist ..?

  • Adam Jackson

    If any one of these slanderous fools watched any of your youtube vids.. particularly the one where you totally blew my mind counting with finger binary, they would know you’re not just a pretty face but very intelligent too! And funny.. I dont want to be a turtle either.

  • Ivan Maximilian Perez

    I’d do anything to get onto this wall of shame.. just for the right reasons..

    Liz, do you blame some of these people? You are le bomb.

  • Kenneth Meagher

    well i have to say but the cortana cosplay coulda been better. all you really do when you do the fucking videos is show your rack half the guys dont even pay attention to what you say lol anyways no wonder you get people like this. And if someone says Jessica Nigri does it too, all i have to say is that, she does and she doesnt. but this is to the point where sometimes i think she cant find an actual shirt that fits and can well see their almost bursting out of the shirts she wears. I like boobs but i think that this is kinda
    overkill when your ex pornstar and you resort to literally shoving your boobs in the camera so you can get views.

    • Mike

      Kennith, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone here is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • sean

    Perverted comments like the ones shown above sometimes make me ashamed to be a man :(

  • Alex Boyer

    Im not intending this in a rude way of any kind, but just by having this
    section here, “The Wall of Shame”, you’re giving these people power.
    While they wont stop whether you have a wall of shame or you ignore
    them, in my past experience its always been best just to ignore the
    “bullies” and “pervs” paying attention to them, responding to them, and
    especially having a full page on your personal website about them seems
    more like its just painting a big bullseye on your websites preverbial
    forehead. Though Im not complaining, personally I enjoy seeing ragers
    and retards prove themselves tried and true time and again. Personal sense of gratification from other peoples misery, HO!

  • Mig

    party poopers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThisOneGuyYouKnow

    “Usin” has the skills to win the ladies over…. >:|

  • fiat128

    Wall of Shame! That’s awesome! Love how all the haters are girls and all the horndogs are guys. Not sure at all what your true deal is but somehow you come off as pretty damn cool in my book. I like all the stuff you do (yea, that too), because it just seems “real”. Keep it up, and hope you manage to become “Scarlet Johanson” famous. Somebody decent needs too.

  • anonymous2123

    Look Liz is a nerd. xD Just cause she did xxx films and looks good foesn’t make her any less nerdy. Even in her xx days you could tell she was a tad bit nerdy (sorry for bringing this up Liz) she was awkward and didn’t seem very well played out. Just her reactions to little things. Liz is indeed a nerd :P. Happy you got out of that scene btw. You are doing well for yourself.

  • duckwithhands

    if you can read spanish, you would be the double offended
    btw i like your cosplays

  • Nathanael Isitt

    some people just cant help but be awesome…it happens

  • Kisuke

    It’s the ignorance of sex crazed males that make me feel complete shame for being a male. Not to say I don’t find Liz to be beautiful, no far from that. I just find that the features of her whole being are what defines her as beautiful.

  • Christopher Enrique Carantit

    Wow. I thought my witty sarcasm and flirtations with the various woman on Facebook were bad but to beg a woman, of whom one has never met, for sex is just downright pathetic. Show some pride man, for the love of yourself.

  • Ian Samuels

    That last one… wow… just wow.

  • Joey Needham

    I’m losing all faith in humanity. Some crazy ass people in this world that are just sick and disgusting.

    • Jen

      you’re the one perving liking this “cosplayer” cause of her body. SHAME

  • Dak Sechman

    so boob much sex WOW

  • Nicholas Fleck

    So what I am getting from this is people on the internet are dicks… Weird I know…

  • James Tuohy

    Jealousy is an awful thing ;)

  • Brad Brooms

    Many o’ gallons of “seed” have been wasted because of your provocative “and beautiful” photos, expect females to hate out of jealousy and and non tang getting dudes to overreact out of sexual frustration. Btw gallons of seed should be enough to qualify for a Wall of Shame right?

  • Matt Dowsett

    I know your secret Amanda Ruscigno. You have no ASS and no Tits and no real nice body to speak of. Don’t attack our Liz. Liz has beauty, intelligence, and personality. Also Liz could wipe the floor with most of us at her game of choice.

    • hartthorn

      This should be a part of the wall of shame….
      Don’t go and be the same kind of dick right back to these people. It just validates what they said. Just stare and shake your head.

      God damn this hangover hurts.

    • Damion Frazer

      Amanda might not have tits but it doesn’t stop her from sticking a pair of apples in a boobtube to add +1 to her sex appeal…
      Just sayin’

    • Jerome Stapleton

      lol know i know your joking Liz IQ isnt that big so intelligence is a no.. Personality she slacks and beauty no she is cute the rest is you never seen a woman like her guess you never looked. and her games… dude she sucks at alot of games she plays she isnt a hard core gamer never will be.. so you sir are a kiss ass ans want attention get a life.

      • Leo Snow

        true man but the thirst is one with stupid people

  • Donnie Springer

    SMFH. Mostly at the east Indian’s. You show a little skin no matter what site you are on this is how about 90% of them act. For the female haters well Insecurity about them selves or they are worried that their man maybe cheating. There is Sexy Cosplay and then there is Cosplay. Trust me that one woman would not wanna see this in a yellow bra or tube top while wearing yellow lace boyshort pretending to be Pikachu. Pardon me after that comment i need to go poke my inner eye out.

  • Michael Cameron

    aren’t you glad to be so popular? :)
    you’re practically one of the internet’s most wanted!

  • Rob

    Now this is entertainment.. ** goes for Orange Pop & a bag of popCorn**

  • Carlos Gabriel Rey

    Will you make one for the weirdest nonsensical comments? I’ll start working on mine.

  • Carlos Padilla

    Soooooo….essentially from what I was able to decipher from Shabeer’s post was that he would like to have sex with you …am I right? I feel like I’m having a hard time understanding what his message was. Lolz.

    • Baconcheese burger

      Plz sex plz!

    • Doonerbandit

      What gave you that idea? lol :D

    • Johnathan Sizemore

      I dont think hes ever talked to a woman before…let alone have sex with one lol

    • Chris Pond

      I find it particularly entertaining that he specified ‘only you and me’,
      as if begging for sex was acceptable, provided it was a 1:1 arrangement.

  • CaptainKjamz

    Ha! Usin is a charmer. /Facepalm

  • CaptainKjamz

    Rofl ! Usin Da Altair is a charmer ..

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