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Wastelander Post-Apocalyptic Cosplay (and video!)

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This is a shoot from December 2012 that Sam Macaroni and I did as a promo for our short, Wastelander.  (Yes, I named it after Fallout :P)    The video is awesome too! (especially since we did in in a matter of days), but the Wastelander post-apocalyptic cosplay and photos are epic!  (wardrobe, makeup, photo retouching, story and video color by me ;)   Special Thanks to Hiimrawn, and Joseph and Donny of Time of The Faeries! and Michael Pao  Music by the Always awesome Tim Montijo.

December 21st, 2012. A couple drives home from a holiday party to witness the Doomsday prophesies fulfilled in downtown Los Angeles. Six months later they and other survivors of the Armageddon have formed tribes and settled into small camps in the hills. Some less “amicable” survivors formed nomadic gangs that travel across the barren wastland in search of food, water and weapons.

In the Post Apocalyptic World There Are No Heroes. Man-kind’s One Savior is the Fight to Stay Alive. The End is Just The Beginning for a Wastelander…

Merry Apocalypse Everyone!!!

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