Many of My Photos Aren't Allowed on Social Media

It’s true!   I’ve had images removed far more times than I care for.   Are butt cheeks a detriment to society?   Is an accidental “nip slip” really going to harm anyone?   Are nipples a threat to society?  I don’t believe so…  Facebook and Instagram, however, feel differently.  To combat any underage prying eyes that perhaps shouldn’t be seeing such “obscene content” (oh my!)  I’ll be posting in the Gritty Kitty Club!

Private Videos Just for Members

Membership exclusive videos.   Youtube is really, really open.  You post something and some guy who was previously watching videos on how to make cheese winds up with the suggestion of watching you’re video about something much, much different… It’s so mismatched and a bit too much like the wild west.  I will post more intimate, personal, and consistent videos for Gritty Kitty Club members 3 videos a month.

Ever wonder what images don’t make it on Facebook?   Wonder what goes through my head on a day to day basis?  Well now you can find out by joining my Gritty Kitty Club!  Due to the inconsistent and randomly puritan community guidelines on social networks a lot of my cell phone images don’t get posted up for you all to see (Gasp!).    Beyond images I’ve never ever shared a weekly diary for the world either… until now!   Want to get into the other stuff that’s saved on my phone images?   Join The Gritty Kitty Club today!!

What do I get with my membership?

You get access to the Gritty Kitty Club’s members only area.  This includes photos and video that couldn’t safely be posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  As well as exclusive updates, behind the scenes content, and bonus images that don’t make it into the final photo sets.

So are there Nudes?

I do post topless images, but, sorry fellas, no full bottom exposure will be featured, only implied.

 Really you expect us to pay for non nudes?

No, I don’t expect you to do anything.  The Gritty Kitty Club is for the super fans who want to keep up with me on a more frequent basis and gain access more personal and intimate content than normally shared on social media.   Plus breasts!

Want More Katz? Join the Gritty Kitty Club!

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