Welcome Back Party Hardy

Many gals cosplayed Black Cat prior to me (and they did an awesome job!).  So how was I going to make my Black Cat cosplay different?  How was I going to make mine stand out?   Getting naked of course!  (that’s internet rules 101) The idea behind this shoot (which was released for Valentines day 2014) being Felicia Hardy had just finished up a quickie with Spider-man.  Spider-man of course having to retreat out the window immediately after his web slinging fun to do whatever it is he does.  I wanted a Spider-man suit to to be draped around me rather than a sheet, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a good one that day to rent or borrow.    Maybe I’ll redo this set one day with a better wig, better boots and gloves, and a Spidey suit.   This mask was my first time ever using Worbla.  I rushed through it and it is pretty uneven and wonky.  Oops!  Lesson learned.   I’ll definitely be making a new mask as well!    Perhaps Valentines Day 2017 we will see a Black Cat cosplay redo?   I believe I can make it happen.

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