If Sexy Princess Peach doesn’t give you a 1up I don’t know what will (that pun was painful).   My sexy Princess Peach cosplay was the first cosplay set to ever be crowdfunded on Indiegogo.  Is it the most amazing cosplay ever… No.  However, I was so excited to be able to bring it to life and shoot!!!  This was also quite a controversial shoot simply due to the fact it was funded by fans.  Ironically many of those same “cosplay naysayers” who condemned me for crowdfunding a fan suggested outfit now run Patreon pages and accept donations.   It’s ok ladies, I forgive you.    We shot this at the Hollywood Castle.  Which is most notably none for being the location of many shoots including Katy Perry’s music video for I kissed a Girl.   As you can tell, it’s an amazing place which I really hope to shoot at again in!   *fingers crossed*

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